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We were suppose to open the “From Hand to Hand” exhibition in Fields, Scandinavia’s biggest shopping center, as the traveling exhibition, which has been on display in other European cities such as Bologna, Bratislava, Warsaw and Amsterdam, was a good way to collaborate on creating an exhibition with quality in a space where many people would see the artwork.

In the exhibition, illustrators of children’s books cooperated through exhibiting and donating their artworks on the subject of nuclear/natural disasters, to support the cause of the exhibition, namely helping children affected by the disaster at  Fukushima - Japan.

Unfortunately it turned out that the vacant rooms in the shopping mall was not up for the task of showcasing this great exhibition. Therefore I worked hard to get the exhibition  organized for the Bibiana office space in Ørestad.

➢ We opened the exhibition "From Hand two Hand” on the 1st. of November till mid December 2012 at our premises in the VM Mountain building.

The exhibition "From Hand two Hand” was also shown at BogForum  (Scandinavia’s biggest book-fair) at the Bella Center from the 9th - 11th of November, together with original works from  the Illustrator Group exhibition Made in Hell - Which is currently on display at the Ørestad Library. 


We were also fortunate enough that the curator of the exhibition  (Nana Furiama) could visit the 2 exhibition in Copenhagen in November, where she did a small workshop with some kids of the Book-fair, creating a plaid of hand cutouts with a message to the children of Fukushima. - She was an absolutely adorable, nice and fantastically gifted illustrator, who I have been lucky enough to meet.

I really learned a lot from being the sole “organizing/practical planner” of this whole exhibitions round trip to Denmark!

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